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  • Wed, Jul 13, 2016

    2016 All Star Voting

    We're excited to have our players voting for this year's All Stars. The All Stars make up the best players in our league in ability and character. Voting will be done online and by paper ballot. 

    The All Stars take place each July. Our league fields one team each in the Minors State Tournament, Minors County Tournament, Majors State Tournament and Majors County Tournament.

    The voting will take place from June 6-12, 2016. The teams will be announced the week of June 20.

    For more information on the All Star selection process visit and click on About and All Stars.

    Ask your coach if you have any questions about how to vote. Turn in any printed ballots to them by Sunday, June 12.

    Players can only cast one ballot. They cannot vote for yourself.

    To get started, click the link below:

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